wedding dresses

Simple selection of wedding tips, do temperament bride


1、A fonts
A fonts wedding flowing lines and classic style, suitable for many occasions, such as a quiet garden party, the traditional church ceremony. It is suitable for brides of all sizes, in particular, make the little bride looks relatively high, the advantages make it in many styles acclaimed.
The skirt of this dress can be longer or shorter, if the bride petite cute skirt knees enough. And manner of dress is more appropriate in a more formal occasions.
In addition, with lace, beads, ribbons and other small accessories can make a simple A-line dress look more luxurious, more stylish.



Very elegant wedding of the queen type, the design point of focus in the chest, natural hanging from the chest and on the ground, loose and comfortable. A-shaped queen-type style to adapt to a variety of occasions. From the figure, it is more suitable for short legs of the body, pear-shaped body or a pregnant bride.
The queen type of wedding the most magical place is on the shaping of the chest, whether it is the perfect effect on small or too plump chest can be decorated, made visual. The one hand, it can focus all concentrated in the collar, highlights the curve of the chest and neck, and create a chest full sense of boundless sleeve or bead touches. On the other hand, if the chest is too plump, affects the overall beauty, choose the queen fitted square collar can compensate for this small defects.


3、Straight type

Straight wedding is a personal style, before Alice after the sudden and sweeping. It is most suitable for the slim figure of the bride, but also lengthen the figure, the bride look tall and upright. Generally more casual, intimate occasions, such as beach wedding, this style can often come out on top, eye-catching.
The style is simple, straight-type skirt slightly binding. I the DO the I DO strongly recommend sexy elegant strapless straight type wedding, as well as romantic and exotic round neck and long bell-shaped sleeves straight wedding. Cautions, straight type demands on the body is high, the stocky figure of the bride to be cautious in the selection.


4、dancing party type

dancing party type wedding fantasy fairy-tale wedding of the bride is the perfect choice, especially for large-scale wedding. Sense of its design is focused on the waist line, the most suitable for slender or pear-shaped body of the bride. dancing party type wedding dignified charming, but the two types of the bride, it was a taboo: one is the lower sub-bride, the absence of sufficient height to balance the ratio of the upper and lower body in this dress, but to make themselves look more short; a The class is a special chest fullness of the bride, prominent chest and the skirt is very coordinated distraction, not to mention the beauty.



5、Mermaid type

The mermaid dress is the most sexy style, moving body, elegant tail is the best weapon for the murder of the eye, choose this wedding the bride must be very confident their body!
Mermaid dress is not suitable for everybody, this bold design is only suitable for special coordinating body proportions of the bride, too plump or slim body can not adequately meet the body needs of this dress, especially close to the body design tend to make the shape of the failure of the bride will reveal defects no doubt, believe it will undermine the overall elegance.